ANNOUNCEMENTS . . . JULY 5th, 2020

Unfortunately, we continue to run behind schedule due to CV-related issues. We’re still trying to complete all administrative and shipping duties related to the first edition-second printing with some overseas customers still waiting for their books.

There’s positive news on two fronts, however. The second edition is finished and will be sent to the printer tomorrow (July 6th), after which we’re looking at about four to five weeks for the books to be printed and shipped to Las Vegas, ready for immediate shipping to customers. We’re not taking pre-orders during these unpredictable times, but there’s also no need to worry about the second edition selling out: it will be available for as long as there’s interest in the research.

After reviewing the first editions (first and second printings), an erratum of ‘technical errors’ has been compiled and posted.

Finally, in response to persistent requests for more videos, according to the most popular requests, several moves have been filmed and we hope to start posting them this week.

We are currently exploring different options for posting the videos and hope to have a plan this week. We will keep you updated!

Thanks for the ongoing interest in GSOH and for everyone’s patience. Also, just wanted to say that I’m sincerely grateful for the dramatic increase in the number of insightful emails with questions and comments about the hobby. According to many, there’s a genuine sensation that the art is advancing in ways that have never been seen before!


Steve Forte


Gambling Sleight of Hand - Forte Years of Research is a one-of-a kind research tome for all sleight-of-hand enthusiasts with an interest in gambling moves; The Expert at the Card Table (S. W. Erdnase, 1902); and gambling demonstrations, exposés, and stunts.