First Edition (Second Printing) - DELAYED

To all purchasers of Gambling Sleight of Hand (first edition/second printing), due to the Coronavirus, I was just notified by the printer that there will be a 10-day delay to the completion/shipping dates.

We apologize for not providing more updates, but it has been difficult to get definitive timelines from the printer (their administrative departments now work from home and it has taken some time to get organized and function semi-normally). The printer originally estimated an end-of-the-month completion date, which was posted on the website, but I have never been in a position to confirm or modify this timeline with confidence . . . until today.

The adjusted completion date for printing the books is now 4-10. Shipping the books to Las Vegas will still take 5-6 business days. So, books should begin shipping to customers on 4-13 or 4-14.

Our sincerest apologies, but being healthy and staying safe is everyone’s priority during these uncertain times.

Wishing everyone the very best,

Steve Forte


  • Just received my first edition / second printing Vol 1 & 2. All I can say is that they are awesome!! Steve, thanks for the inscription and for the great care in packing these two volumes!! Totally worth the wait!

    Vic Orriola
  • Any updates on delivery?

    Patrick Cook
  • Hello Steve, it’s been a while.
    702 340 9523

    Don Ludwick

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