Second Printing - Available 3/2/2020

We have finally completed the fulfillment of 1000 two-volume sets. Thanks again to everyone.

Due to the ongoing interest, a first edition - second printing, will go on sale starting on Monday, March 2rd, at 10:00 PST. Like the first editions, these are pre-ordered books that will ship to buyers near the end of the month, a timeline that I’m trying to expedite.

Only two printing typos have been corrected along with one error in the second printing. The plan is to correct all errors and grammatical issues in a Second Edition—if warranted. Many books are just reaching their destination, so it’s difficult to build a complete erratum until the books have been in the hands of readers for a few weeks. An Erratum will be added soon to the website, so please check it before emailing any form of error.

Second-printing orders will not include a signed card with the same back design as those used in the photographs; these cards were thank-you cards for the first 1000 buyers.

Also, I’m happy to continue signing/inscribing any books at the buyers’ request. This option was apparently confusing to many. In the dozen or so cases where a buyer did not receive a requested signature/inscription, there was no record of the request in our system (or via email), and we often sent the internal record to the buyer to prove our position—there was only one case where the requested inscription was misinterpreted as a personal message. So, please be careful during checkout if you are requesting signatures or inscriptions. A text field titled ‘Signed and Inscribed Requests’ can be found on the checkout page. Please ensure that your message is present before pressing the ‘Check Out’ button.


  • Anything further on when the 2nd printing will be going out. I still havent received an update yet? Thanks.

  • Any ETA on when the orders for the second printing will go out?

  • How many books will be in the second printing?

    Gary Nealon
  • Guys, you can click on it now—it didn’t sell out, I think you guys were just checking before the sale went live ;)

    mr. hemingway
  • If you wish to have a book inscribed, just enter “inscription” with your first, or first and last name, and I’ll take care of the rest. No box!!!
    Thank you for helping


    Peter Hackhofer

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