Shipping Update and Second Printing

To all purchasers of GSOH, and to all who didn’t hear about book or acted too late, here’s an update.

Shipping Update/Delay

I have been notified by the printer that a quality-control issue was identified in volume two during the binding process.  Specifically, a ‘signature’ (block of 8 pages) must be reprinted.  The glitch pushed back the completion date (originally the 10th), so we are now scheduled to start shipping books on the 18th or 19th of February.  

Incidentally, volume one has been printed, bound, and is ready for delivery to Las Vegas; in fact, I received advanced copies today.

Second Printing

I have decided on a second printing to accommodate the ongoing interest.  For any buyer who was primarily interested in purchasing a first-edition copy, I understand the disappointment having been a serious book collector at one time, but all I can do is apologize—a “limited edition” was my true intention, but no one could have anticipated last week’s remarkable response.  I’ve removed Limited Edition from the description and offer a full refund to any buyer for any reason.  Just make the request via email and a full refund will be issued promptly.

I will let everyone know as soon as possible when more books will be available, but it won’t be for another 4-6 weeks.  At this time, my focus is entirely on the secure packaging and efficient fulfillment of the purchased books.


  • Would like to buy

    Timothy Harrington
  • Steve, please let me know when the 2nd edition will be available. Thanks – I live in the UK

    Anthony Hawkins
  • Wonderful that there will be a second printing. I want to order.

    Thomas Gundlach
  • Can I please be added to the waiting list?

    Al Ferrrais
  • I would love to get a copy myself! Thanks!

    Patrick Bailey

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