To All Sleight-of-Hand Enthusiasts

I just wanted to take a moment to express my sincerest gratitude to all who have purchased “Gambling Sleight of Hand - Forte Years of Research.” The first printing of 1000 copies has officially sold out in seven days, including a remarkable first day of selling 500 copies! This came after only a short two-day notice that the website was going live and that pre-ordered books would be available for sale.

Given the uniqueness of the information, $300 price tag, and hefty shipping costs, especially for those overseas, the result was unexpected, overwhelming, and humbling—although many of my reviewers predicted this very result. The initial plan was to sell 1000 copies over several months and call it a day. I never reprinted “Casino Game Protection - A Comprehensive Guide,” which sold out in days, even though the demand was strong to reprint for many years.

More importantly, the initial success of this project taught me many things. Perhaps most importantly is the genuine interest of so many card enthusiasts around the world in the field of gambling sleight of hand. As stated many times, the sole purpose of this project was to offer the research to my friends in magic, and they responded in spades! So, again, my sincerest thanks.

Unfortunately, the inventory sold out so quickly that many never had a chance to buy a book, and some are just learning about its availability.

To the hundreds of cardmen and cardwomen who subscribed to the site’s mailing list, expecting to be notified when the books arrived in Las Vegas ready for shipping, I promise to post a decision very soon that will, hopefully, accommodate your interest in this research.

Steve Forte

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  • Hi Steve. Do you remember David Rich from Boston?

    David Rich

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