More Info

>  Volumes 1 and 2 are not sold separately.

>  If you wish to have your book signed, a "Note" box appears during checkout. Just enter "signed" in the box for an autograph and volume one will be signed. If you wish to have both books signed, just enter "sign both books," "sign 1 and 2," etc.

>  If you wish to have a book inscribed, just enter "inscription" with your first, or first and last name, and I'll take care of the rest.  Or, enter a complete inscription in the box and I will copy the inscription verbatim.

>  If you run into any technical issues or find an error, please let me know. 

>  If you read something a few times and still have trouble following a move, stunt, or principle, let me know in a short email.  If several readers run into the same issue, I will do my best to rewrite the segment and post the revision via the site's blog. 

>  For any comments, suggestions, or questions, you can contact me at